Theatre Workshop 2022

Theatre Workshop 2022

Organised by
Natyasanskar Kala Academy

(for age group above 16 years)

NatyaSanskar Kala Academy with a 44-year-old legacy of Theatre training.

Senior Theatre  Artist Mr. Prakash Parkhi Started  this academy in 1978 for Drama Training.

Now for this Workshop we are collaborating yet again with Theatron Entertainment for a comprehensive Theatre Workshop 2022 for all of you, filled with exciting lively sessions, which cover all the facets of Theatre.

It provides you with a perfect platform to learn, explore, observe, experiment, and perform along with other participants. Well experienced and proficient mentors, who actively work with the theatre fraternity, guide you through this exemplary journey! The teaching approach is completely practical, where there will not be any classroom arrangements.

The workshop also offers amazing theatre games, on-stage improvised performances built through progressive teamwork. Not only this helps you to understand Theatre closely as an art but also helps you to build your confidence, overcome stage fear, develop team coordination, and leadership skills.

Surprisingly, neither does it need any prior experience nor is it bound to any age limit or a language! Here, all types of creative souls with different backgrounds and experiences come together and create their own play. Yes! You read it right!  You all create a play of your own, having complete creative freedom, with us always being there to guide you through, and perform it in a theatre in front of a live audience at the end of the workshop.

What are you waiting for? We welcome you for this exemplary journey full of joy, excitement, and surprises. Just jump in to enjoy the rest!

Date : 8 January to 6 March

Every Saturday – 6:00pm to 9:00pm & Every Sunday 2:00pm to 5:00pm (More than 60 hours)

To Participate in a Theatre workshop 2022

Please send Whatsapp message to 8484930335  with your Full name and age.

Deadline for Payment of Fees and Admission 6 January 2022

Please contact us on : 8484930335

Free Orientation On 2 January 2022 at 5:30pm

At Workshop Venue :- NEMS Hall 4th Floor, नवीन मराठी शाळा, शनिवार पेठ, रमणबाग शाळेच्या मागील गेट समोर, पुणे.
= Deccan Education Society’s Navin Marathi Shala

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